Friday, April 29, 2005

Mark Morris Dance Group to Burning Word

Had a great time at the UW World Dance Series with our friends Paul and Brandt this evening, seeing the Mark Morris Dance Group perform "Mosaic & United," and "Violet Cavern." The latter piece was simply amazing: live music performed by jazz trio The Bad Plus (drums piano bass); incredible lighting and costumes; and a series of dances that were high Mark Morris style. Loved it.
I'm off with good friend and fellow Floating Bridge editor Ted McMahon in the early AM tomorrow, to take the ferry to the Burning Word Poetry Festival on Whidbey Island. I hope it doesn't rain, or doesn't rain too much. We'll be manning a booth for Floating Bridge Press; and I'll be giving a short poetry reading in the afternoon. I'll also be passing out some fliers for the Port Townsend Writer's Conference, where I'll be leading a workshop this summer (more on that later).


Anne said...

Hmmm-- I bet you won't have a chance to see this before you leave. But if you should happen to run into my old friend Jane Winslow, who lives on Whidbey Island and whose name pops up on the website for the poetry festival, tell her I said hello! (She was in a writing group with me years ago & is one of those Genuinely Good People.)

Peter said...

Anne: Sorry, I got the message too late. I met so many people there . . . who knows . . . maybe we crossed paths anyway!