Sunday, April 17, 2005

I *Heart* Tommy Lee Jones

That first night, I wasn't sure whether you asked me to dine with you, or to die with you. Still, I answered, yes.


Kells said...


I've been enjoying your revolving bio photo. Yesterday I thought you were Mick Jagger, today, I'm not sure.

And how was your dinner with TLJ?
To die or to dine, that is the question.


Peter said...

Today I am punk poetess Patti Smith, from her seminal album Horses.

Kells said...

Okay, I'm with you. For a second, she resembled Ric Ocasek (sp?) from The Cars.

Charles said...

Did TLJ really say this? It might make a wonderul epigraph for a poem.

Patti Smith always makes me think of Michael Stipe.

Peter said...

CJ: TLJ did not say this; it's a little private joke between myself and I. After seeing him in a movie that night.
PS & MS; I can see it. The raw ragged poetic lyrical voice.

early hours of sky said...

Ha, Patti Smith is a really good friend of mine and you look nothing like her.