Thursday, January 28, 2010

This should be an amazing reading! I hear the new Ben Lerner book may be available as well. I wish I were in Seattle: I would so be there.

W.S. Merwin & Friends is a benefit reading in support of the nonprofit poetry publisher, Copper Canyon Press. The event features W.S. Merwin, who won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for THE SHADOW OF SIRIUS, as well as readings by a younger generation of Copper Canyon Press poets -- Erin Belieu, Ben Lerner, Valzhyna Mort, and Matthew Zapruder.


Anonymous said...

Peter ... a moment of synchronicity for you. I was just reading Fred Moody's "Seattle and the Demons of Ambition" when I reached the section about Accord (Acord?), "Monstrance for a Grey Horse", and the radioactive orange Fiestaware. This I had to verify, and searching for a picture of the sculpture led me straight to your poem on the subject. What fun!

--Jennifer Drake-Thornton

Peter said...

Hi Jennifer:
It's amazing what the internet can do.
I loved that story from the PI, and the whole history of James Accord and his art.
Glad you liked the poem, I had forgotten I had blogged it. It's an old draft I'll have to try to go back to sometime.