Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long MLK weekend. There was a moving story on NPR this morning, a man who recalled a comment King made as he was watching someone light the gas lamps on a street one night; how he said he was watching him "bust holes in the darkness." Which is what King did with his life.


Had a lovely poetry lunch at Vios with K, hearing about Spain, and looking at the potential new poetry manuscript. I think I have a title now, and a vague outline of what poems go where. It's so exciting!


Dinner last night with L & S. I made a mushroom bisque finished with truffle oil, that I have to say was to die for! We had pan seared chicken breasts and roasted potatoes and vegetables. A yummy salad from L with a peanut oil and garlic vinaigrette. Scintillating conversation and laughter and carrying on. Lot's of talk about Haiti, and how helpless we are to do anything, or even know what is the best thing to do (give money, at this point, but long term???).


There are snowdrops and hyacinths and trillium starting to come up in the garden. Spring is in the wings!



C. Dale said...

A new ms. taking shape. How exciting!

Peter said...

Thanks CD Dale. I am hoping to get it together over the next month or so. I have a title, and a bit of a shape/theme. We'll see!