Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My 50th birthday (yes, it's true) is rapidly approaching. I was having a wonderful day, and feeling pretty copacetic about it, until I received in the mail today these two things: 1) my Official AARP Membership Card (no shit!), and 2) a message from my doctor that I am due for a physical, and that I need to schedule my first COLONOSCOPY. ARRGGH! Life is cruel. Life is cruel. Life is cruel.


Premium T. said...

Welcome to the club!

Kells said...

LOL!! I love your scream image!

My husband turned 50 last year, I was amused how quickly that AARP card arrived. Now we get the magazine.

Maybe AARP really stands for:
An Amazingly Remarkable Poet--

think of that when you look at your card.

Happy early Birthday! Hope to see you soon!

Peter said...

K: I love your acrostic for AARP. HAHAHA.

I am actually lookin gforward to the "R" part someday (retirement). Ot at least rest and relaxation.

Radish King said...

Maybe Nurse Jackie will be there to administer your sedation drugs like a soprano with wings.

And happy birthday :)


Justin Evans said...

Happy Birthday from out in the sticks!

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday from Kentucky. (My AARP card arrived on my wedding anniversary--OUCH!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, cool man, my father 76 have high blood preasure and depends on his medicine everyday still tough, happy and cheerfull. Just be a happy go lucky person.



Reggie Harris said...

Hey Peter: Tell me how it goes -- I officially start to 'push 50' (aka 49) on Thursday!

BTW I saw a guy at Pride yesterday wearing a t-shirt that said "Pushing 50 is all the exercise I need" -- Should have asked him where he got it -- for both of us!:)