Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Woman Refuses Surgery on Tumor --
Says the hallucinations it causes help her be creative:

Doctors told Silva her condition could lead to fatal bleeding or seizures. The diagnosis threw her into depression at first. But then she decided to put her hallucinations into her art. She has declined surgery, saying that she doesn't want to cut the creative pipeline.
"I was scared the operation would change my art," Silva told ABC. "I wanted to paint every day after that. One detail, one emotion almost became like a diary. It put me on the edge and forced me to be even more creative."

View art on her website here.

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evaberlinerin said...

Wow, I find her so brave!
But she doesn't suffer? I mean like headache or I don't know...other things that disturb a lot in the everyday life...
I have seen her Homepage and I find the drawings and paintings beautiful, with so many little details!! Really nice! I hope she will continue to paint for a long time!

Eva from Hauptstadtreisen