Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Week or Christmas Comes Early?

Looks like we are going to have a white Christmas here in Seattle. We are socked in with snow here in south Seattle, the clinic where I work is closed, no one is out driving in the neighborhoods. It's quiet, calm, COLD, and beautiful.

The weather report is for more snow and freezing temps coming through Christmas. Looks like our "Snow Day" might be turning into a "Snow Week?" Only problem: I am on call 24 hours/day for the next 8 days, starting today, so I am gonna have to strap on those tire chains and wheel the Honda (it has front wheel drive and actually does quite well in the snow) out of the garage and to the hospital each day (and to clinic if we are open). HO-HO-HO!


And along with this wintry mix, some early poetry "gifts" have been coming in the mail this week:
My poem "Anagrammer" has been translated into Italian (it's fascinating how they made the anagrams work in a different language) and is appearing in a literary magazine there (I'll send a link when my copy arrives in the mail).

The latest issue of New England Review arrived yesterday, with my two poems "Autopsy" and "Transplant." I've just started reading the issue, but so far there are delightful poems from Sarah Murphy ("The Loose Ends, the Loopholes, the Uncounted Loot" is wonderful!), DA Powell, Mark Bibbins, Paisley Rekdahl, and others. Thanks again to C Dale for giving these poems a home.

I've just heard that my poem "Oniomania" will be appearing on The Writer's Almanac on Christmas Eve, read by Garrison Keillor. I am tickled pink about this, and think it's an interesting choice as the poem is about compulsive/addictive shopping (among other things).


PS: When it snows it pours? Just received the Northwind Anthology, with my poem "Broken Orbits." It collects poems from the Northwind reading series and includes work from Kathryn Hunt, Kelli Agodon, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Holly Hughes, Rebecca Loudon, Joannie Stangeland, Stan Rubin, Judith Kitchen, Mike O'Connor, and others.


Collin Kelley said...

Great news all around, Peter!

I wish it would snow here. It's 70 degrees today in Atlanta. Doesn't feel very Christmasy at all.

Peter said...

Collin: 70 degrees! Put on some sleigh bells and enjoy it. :)

jeannine said...

Mmm, I think we're getting Seattle's Christmas weather - fifties and rain?
Congrats on the translation and the Garrison Keillor thing! Merry holidays!

Pamela said...

Congratulations, Peter! I really look forward to seeing your poems.

WORD VERIFICATION: MEOPS--coolest one ever, considering your post and the anagram!

~ said...


congrats on everything!

I cannot imagine how your Anagrammer poem worked in Italian! I can't wait to see it, talk about a challenging poem to translate!

Rose drove home from the fire station today and said the roads weren't too bad (he was in our beetle which is great in the snow)-- that said, I just saw a tour bus hanging over I-5 off of Denny! Scary, went right through the guard rail, but I think everyone is pretty good.

PS I love Pamela's word verification! (sometimes I think the word verification is some kind of creepy big brother program...)

Esther said...

Hi Peter

It's nice to see how well you're doing. Stay warm and safe.

Happy New Year,