Saturday, December 06, 2008

Having a great time in PV. I haven't worn socks in almost a week. Always a sign of a good vacation. This town has really changed since we were here last, nearly 20 years ago. A lot of new building everywhere: hotels, high rise condos, houses up and down the hillsides, etc. The narrow cobblestone streets are jam-packed with cars. The place we are staying is just north of town, and thankfully quiet, with a nice sandy beach. We've been pretty lazy, lounging on beach chairs or in the canopy bed, reading, and watching the ocean. Yesterday we went south of town and up into the jungle to see the new botanical gardens (just opened in 2004, and still under construction, so to speak). What a trip taking the bus back to town, as the driver with his cracked windshield and crucifix affixed to the dashboard careened down the mountainside at breakneck speed. Last night we went to the Zona Romantica and saw a show: Forever Patsy Cline, at the Santa Barbara Theater. It was the story of her and her number one fan, Louise, told in song. Sort of a funky stage presentation, but the singing was just amazing. "Crazy," of course, was the encore. Today may be a spa day? I have no idea what that would entail. But if it has the word Brazilian in it I am going to run screaming like a schoolgirl.


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