Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mark D. posted a list of poetry books he loved in 2008. Here is my list:

Favorite Poetry Books of 2008

These are in no particular order (I have blogged about many of them here over the past year). I am sure there are many wonderful books I've missed. Please let me know if there are some books you enjoyed that I should consider?

Unmentionables, Beth Ann Fennelly
The One Strand River, Richard Kenney
Now You're the Enemey, James Allen Hall
Elegy, Mary Jo Bang
Boy, Patrick Phillips
Anna, washing, Ted Genoways
National Anthem, Kevin Prufer
God Particles, Thomas Lux
My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge, Paul Guest
Burn and Dodge, Sharon Dolin
An Aquarium, Jeffrey Yang
Rising, Falling, Hovering, CD Wright
The Earth in the Attic, Fady Joudah
Sleeping It Off in Rapid City, Frederick Seidel
Failure, Philip Schultz
Meaning a Cloud, JW Marshall
The Extremities, Timothy Kelly
Cadaver Dogs, Rebecca Loudon
Want, Rick Barot
Same Life, Maureen N. McLane
Behind My Eyes Li-Young Lee


Collin Kelley said...

An excellent list.

Collin Kelley said...

I would highly recommend The White Bride by Sarah Maclay and One Secret Thing by Sharon Olds. Two of my favorites this year.

Pamela said...

If you haven't read it, please check out Jericho Brown's Please. Fabulous book, and a first book.

Radish King said...

my message disappeared. it read
(((thank you i'm delighted)))
(i really thought you hated it now i feel better)

my word verification is verooff which is exactly what my car did this morning, ver ooff the road.