Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

It is snowing again in Seattle today, so we really did get a "White Christmas." Though it is really more of a slush Christmas at this point.

I'm still on call and had a slew of newborns to see this AM: six in all, with another on the way later today. It makes for a busy morning, but I really do love seeing the babies. The only problem: getting out of my driveway and our side street. My tires were spinning and I was swerving and rooster-tailing like I was in a little motor boat. Even with chains. Once you get to the main roads, it's clear. But the side streets (and hills) are still quite dangerous.


Thank you everybody for the emails and messages about "Oniomania" on The Writer's Almanac yesterday. It really means a lot to me. It is amazing the wide reach that this radio show has! People who usually do not even think of poetry at all, will hear a poem on this show, and be moved enough to send a message, or buy a book.


Santa brought Dean and I just what we wanted: a Food Saver! We had seen one at my sister's house at Thanksgiving, and just loved what you could do with leftovers and with with storing seafood and other meats and veggies. I know: tres domestique.

We missed meeting with family last night for the traditional Christmas Eve gathering, due to the bad weather. Tonight we are meeting our dear old friends K & B at the new Four Seasons downtown, for a lovely Christmas dinner. After being trapped by on call and the weather the past few days, I am so looking forward to this!


Premium T. said...

Congratulations on your Writer's Almanac appearance, and a Very Merry Christmas to you & Dean!

~ said...

Peter, Both Rose and I heard your poem on Writer's Almanac. We caught it mid-way and then when they said your name at the end we had a spontenous cheer in the kitchen.

RE: a Food Saver! -- Let me know how it works for you, Rose has had his eye on this!