Thursday, September 06, 2007

Watching Vaux's Swifts

I have got to go see this:

This is an evening trip to Monroe to watch thousands of Vaux’s Swifts go thru their evening ritual before dropping in a chimney to roost for the night. About an hour before dusk they begin circling and swirling around the chimney as the numbers keep increasing. A few will start making feints at the chimney, then a few will start dropping down into the chimney. These are followed by more and more until the sky is empty about dusk. Meet at the south end of the Kingsgate Park & Ride by 5:30 p.m. and carpool to Monroe Elementary School in Monroe. Passenger cost/person is $3.00.

In late August, migrating Vaux’s Swifts seek nighttime shelter in chimneys. A gathering of swifts waits until dusk to descend into a chimney. The swifts enter in a continuous swirl. Each swift drops into the opening with wings raised, feet first, to hang upright for the night by its claws.


Premium T. said...

Amazing. Very Hitchcockian.
Very Ozian. And in Monroe!

Montgomery Maxton said...

at some point i think i saw them write "Surrender Dorothy"

Peter said...

MM: Hahahaha! You are wicked. (ps: did you get your passport yet?)

Montgomery Maxton said...

they fixed it so i could print my online proof and head for the Almighty Canada, but they did not overnight it as she mentioned they would. i dont mind that part SINCE i got my proof so i can fly.


LKD said...

I thought Vaux Swifts was the name, the really cool name, of some new band.

The video reminds me that book by Martin Amis, Time's Arrow: or, the Nature of the Offence in which the whole narrative progresses (regresses) backwards beginning with the main character's death. I've never read the book, but recalling this image from a review I read of the novel when it was released causes me to think that maybe I should borrow it from the library and give it a go: Concentration camp victims incinerated in the furnaces rise as ashes from the ground, pour back down through the chimneys and emerge from the incinerators whole and alive.

I believe the book follows his rewound life all the way back to infancy and then, a strange trip back into his mother's womb, back back back to the moment of conception....and then he's gone.

Loved the video.

Love the idea of a band called Vaux Swifts.

Love you for reminding me of a book I should've read a long, long time ago.