Sunday, September 02, 2007

Note to Larry Craig

How real gay men make contact.

PS: I hear they are changing Idaho's state motto to "The Lone Stall State."


Anonymous said...

I thought it was going to be the "wide stance" state?

Justin Evans said...

Their mottoe can be, "People Touching People."

Justin Evans said...

Or, rather, in the spirit of recent posts:

Populus Contactus Populi
(People Touching People)

Commodo Tactus mihi illic
(Please touch me there)

EGO sum a orchestra. Operor non prehendo mihi.
(I am a senator. Do not arrest me.)

EGO sum non hilaris , EGO sudo.
(I'm not Gay, I swear.)

Tribuo a succurro manus manus
(Give a Helping Hand)

Peter said...


Collin said...

I bet Larry whispers sweet nothings real good. ;-)

Premium T. said...

Peter you are hilarious.