Friday, September 07, 2007

From Poetry Daily:

Belle Letters Contest Winner
Editors' Note: We're pleased to present as a special feature this week a poem by Jeanette Marie Sayers, winner of the Belle Letters Contest, sponsored by the Virginia Arts of the Book Center, a program of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

In addition to this online presentation, "L, O, V, E and the Other Twenty-Two" will be illuminated in a limited edition letterpress broadside.

Contestants were invited to submit poems in which letters are foregrounded as vital and imaginative elements of imagery and content.

Finalists for this year's prize were Dana Elkun ("Foreshadow from Buffalo"), Roy Jacobstein ("Disquisition on D: Ars Poetica and Homage"), Carolyn Moore ("Multiple-Choice Quiz on Abandoned F-Words"), and Morgan Grayce Willow ("The Algebra of Love").


See the winning poem here. It's really pretty terrific, and will make a great broadside (I want one!).

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ka said...

I thought this was fantastic. I wish I had written it!

Have a great reading tonight!