Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My glamorous job

Because of morning meetings, I saw patients for only a half-day (about 3 hours) this afternoon. Still, they crammed in almost a full-day's worth. Wheeee! Here is the breakdown:

72 yo AfAm woman, walk-in with asthma attack and hypoxemia (add-on to full schedule)
68 yo Cambodian woman with sinus infection
56 yo AfAm woman followup hospitalization for diabetic coma (add-on to full schedule)
55 yo AfAm woman with abdominal pain, body aches, positive PPD, wanting a disabled parking permit
3 yo Viet female with asthma attack
72 yo Cambodian woman with diabetes, HTN, hyperlipidemia, followup
50 yo Cambodian male with diabetes, HTN, hyperlipidemia (son of above patient)
47 yo Cauc female, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, HTN, hyperlipidemia, depression, low potassium, for followup
63 yo Af Am female, left below-the-knee amputation four days ago for diabetic gangrene, for followup
17 yo Cambodian male with bullet in leg, for excision (no kidding; he and his caseworker made a video of me removing it, for his "Senior Project")
48 yo Cauc male, walk-in with abscess in neck for I&D (add-on to full schedule)
82 yo Cambodian female, diabetes, HTN, needing cortisone injection for right shoulder bursitis
42 yo Cambodian male, diabetes, out of control, started insulin
55 yo Af Am woman with diabetes, HTN, hyperlipidemia, depression, bladder problems
6 yo Pac Is boy with dog bite to chin, infected, and allergic reaction to antibiotics given in ER over weekend, for eval (walk-in added to full schedule)


My favorite visit: removing the bullet from the teen's leg. Who knows, maybe his "Senior Project" video will be a hit on YouTube. Ya never know . . .


Home not too late for a dinner of tenderloin steaks and baby bok choy. Dessert of fresh farmer's market nectarines with sorbet (thank you Dean). Yummy!


PS: "My glamorous job" © the fine folks at Radisk King (of course)


C. Dale said...

Jesus! I thought my Tuesdays were bad!!

Anonymous said...

Peter, you must write the poem to go with the video.