Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Looking forward to reading this

"Poetry," Wright has said, "comes from the heart and from the soul," and it is the heart and soul that he delivers so eloquently in "Littlefoot." Rich with samplings of Chinese poetry, folk-song lyrics, bluegrass riffs and references to Bob Dylan, Franz Kafka, W.H. Auden and Wallace Stevens — his touchstones for almost 40 years — this book-length poem is at once familiar and new. If it is noticeably tinged with shades of death — more so than his previous books, even the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Black Zodiac" — perhaps now, at age 71, he finds such a rendering easier.

-- from LA Times book review

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RJGibson said...

Oh wow. I had no idea this was coming out. I've got to get this while I'm out book shopping. Thanks for the heads up.