Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's been a gorgeous weekend.

Dean and I helped one of my sisters move for a few hours Saturday morning. She and her husband have 6 (that's right: six!) kids, and they were basically moving to a bigger house about three blocks away from where they were. We moved several loads of beds and sofas and boxes, shared a crispy creme donut, and then went off to City People's Nursery to pick up some stuff for the yard. The tomatoes are growing like gang-busters. The roses are carrying on like nobody's business. We got a little trellis for the climber in the south side yard. It looks fine!

Today we went to the newly remodeled Seattle Art Museum (also known as "SAM"). I did not care for the flying exploding cars that "grace" the entry. If I want car chases and car explosions, I'll go to a movie. What were they thinking? It is not even good art. (IMHO).
The exhibits were pretty good, though there was not much that we had not already seen. My faves:
Do-Hi Suh's "Some/One" which is a huge emperor's kimono made entirely of dead soldier's dog tags. It's incredible.

The room devoted all to Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Guy Anderson and other NW Mystics.

The giant creature made entirely of thrift store sweaters sewn together: it was near the African Tribal art, and it looked completely tribal in its own way.

The Japanese screen of crows. I have wanted this for my very own for years.

We had lunch in their new cafe which is called "Taste" (How *dumb.* And the gift shop is called "Shop." What do they think we are? Morons?). But the food was not bad: we shared a chicken salad sandwich, Dean had a pea-sorrel puree soup and I had a sweet French onion soup. A yummy glass of Sauvignon blanc (a half-pour "taste" is only $3).


Spending a bit of time watching French Open on TV. I am all about Serena winning it all. I think she is due for a complete Slam this year. I also want Nadal to deny Federer. But please, Rafael: enough with the Capri pants!


Anne said...

I think Serena just might, IF she can get through Justine in the quarters. Whoever wins that match is my pick to win it all. (And I'm with you -- I'd love to see Serena get it.)

I'm on the fence re: Federer-Nadal. I kind of want Federer to win it just so they can all shut up about how he hasn't yet. ;)

(And you want Nadal to lose the pants, huh? Tsk tsk tsk... *grin*)

Pamela said...

I think Nadal calls 'em pirate paints, which sounds a little less odd than "Capris for Clay." I'm rooting for Nadal and Serena, too.

When I played a lot of tennis, clay was my favorite surface. It's hell on socks, though.

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing photo.

Premium T. said...

I love the new museum. Seattle is all grown up!

Montgomery Maxton said...

ox xo