Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Gay Pride!

Dean and I are going to the Men's Chorus concert tonight. The title is "Scared Faithless," and the theme is the whole gay/religious contradiction thing. Songs of protest against the homophobes, but also songs written by the many many many gays who are clergy. I mean, seriously, I have known a lot of priests in my life (behave!) and almost every single one was queer. So I have never understood where the church gets the right to be so anti-gay. And why so many gay clergy go along with it. I mean, who do they think designs all their beautiful vestments, writes their heavenly hymns, and builds their sturdy temples? Us.


We had our new oak doors installed a few days ago. Front and back. They are gorgeous! But unfinished. Now they have to be sanded and stained and varnished. So Dean and I will be busy with that while all the disco music is playing for the parade Sunday.


This is too funny:


C. Dale said...

Amen, sister! I mean, brother...

Collin said...

Bill is so natural and laidback, while Hillary is like a robot. She really needs some coaching. And I can never EVER forgive her for picking Celine Dion.