Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We've broken a 53 year-old record for rainiest November on record. And there is still over a week left in the month, with a series of three storms headed our way. There's several feet of new snow in the mountains. The passes may be closed Thanksgiving day. We're going to my sisters in Federal Way, which is just a quick hop down I-5. We are assigned salad, as usual. My family loves Dean's salad dressing that he makes from scratch (a simple vinaigrette, his own recipe). Happy Holidays!


We saw Casino Royale last night. The best parts were hunky Daniel Craig, what eyes, what pecs, what chiseled good looks; the banter between him and Vesper (Eva Green), the love interest; and the divine Judi Dench as "M." Dench is indeed a revelation in the role: powerful, intimidating, yet somehow warm and maternal. I hope to see more of her in a sequel. And did anyone else catch that Bond called her "mum." Is that what "M" stands for? Is there perhaps a hidden plot line that she is his real mother? You know, in a silly, Star Wars-esque, Darth Vader "I am yur father" sort of way?


Off work now until Monday. Hope to get some writing done. I have several projects that are in the works, and not sure if any will eventually come together: the Expedition of the Vaccine poem; a longish poem in sections with definitions and prose passages and clinical instructions (for preparing a dead body for viewing); death row and famous last words; and a series of historical poems about famous "bad physicians" (Mengele, for example); and other tidbits. Maybe I'll even send some poems out to magazines (I have *nothing* out anywhere right now; but it feels kind of liberating, so I may not change that).


The cat did not give birth to puppies, or cogs, or dats. Full story here.


Paul said...

Dench is great but her presence in the movie is a little confusing as she was M in all the Brosnan Bond flicks. As this is a reboot of the series, it's a little wonky -- but I figure they thought how dumb it would be to replace her as long as she's still interested in the role. She's great.

As for the 'mum' bit, I dunno. There's always been an M in the movies so I can't see that being literal.

She'd be a cool mom, I bet.

Charles said...

I thought someone called her by her first name earlier in the film. Emily? Emma? Something like that.

Peter said...

P: I'm not sure if I ever saw any of the Bronsan Bond movies. Now I will have to.
C: Yes, you must be right, Emily or Emma, not "Mum." (PS: I thought of you when Craig came out of the water in his square-cut speedo).

Radish King said...

Happy Thanksgiving, darling.

Peter said...

RK: You too, sweetie. Say hi to SCC. Drive carefully.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

In the Blackadder BBC series, he refers to Queen Elizabeth I as "mum" (and she's definitely not his mom), so it may be a British reference to a woman in authority. It also could be a confusing British pronunciation of "Ma'am," which is what I assumed until this post. :-)