Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Go Blue!

It's been a very heartening election.

Bush says he is "disappointed." Hah.

I find it very suspicious that the Montana senate count suddenly bogged down for "un-known circumstances" late in the evening. Very suspicious.

Virginia will go for a recount, but Webb should prevail.

Still, we may not know the final make-up of the Senate for weeks, or more.

Let me hear you say: "Speaker Pelosi."


And in the lovely state of Washington:

A referendum to limit lap dances to a distance of four feet was voted down (we like our lap dances just the way they are, thank you).

The race for congressional seat 8 -- between a former cop whose claim-to-fame is getting a single-mom school bus driver fired for flipping off George Bush's motorcade (hell, I would have given her a raise), and a former military brat and ex-Microsoft em[ployee named Darcy (couldn't she just have fixed the voting machines?) -- is too close to call.

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Oliver de la Paz said...

Hmmmm . . . do I want my taxpayer money to go towards enforcing the stripper referendum or do I want my money to go towards repairing roads . . . too tough to call.