Thursday, November 10, 2005

Light Poetry

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Wave Press, the new Seattle-based poetry publisher headed by Joshua Beckman is hosting a "poetry event" at the Henry Art Gallery's awesome and serene James Turrell "light chapel." There will be two "seatings," at 3pm and 4pm, Saturday, November 19th, featuring Beckman, Mathew Rohrer, Jen Bervin, and Dorothea Lasky. Reserve a space by emailing

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Charles said...

Nice image. That looks just like the James Turrell Skyspace here in Scottsdale. We used photography from our piece on the cover of HFR Issue 35--the last issue I edited. I love that work. It's eerie and strange. :)

Peter said...

Charles: I went to Turrell's exhibit a few years ago at The Henry and it was fantastic. My favorite was this solid blue panel of light high on a wall. You climbed up some stairs to reach it, and when you got there, you discovered it was not a panel of light at all, but a doorway. And when you entered it you were suspended in a room of blue light, where you couldn't really see the walls, the ceiling, the floor. As if you were floating in air. It was freakin' amazing.

32poems said...

I love Turrell's work. I've seen it in Denver and Pittsburgh. Amazing.