Monday, November 08, 2010

Ekphrasis and Community

Had a wonderful time yesterday at the "Taboo Against Beauty" ekphrastic poetry presentation organized by Susan Rich at the Frye Art Museum. She and Allen Braden, Kelli Agodon, and Oliver de la Paz read new work, written in response to paintings in the permanent collection at the Frye. Terrific stuff about dogwood trees and the crucifixion, a poisoned Mozart in winter, and a Dutch washerwoman. My favorite: Kelli's poem about the family of monkeys and the tipped over vase a flowers:

It was a delightful Sunday afternoon, weatherwise, made even more delightful by being able to chat and mingle and catch up with so many of the local poetry community after the reading, over coffee and cookies. Seattle is a great place to live, and to write. (Welcome back JHG).


Also saw the new copies of Crab Creek Review, in which Susan edited a special section on Ekphrasis. I am lucky to have a couple poems in there, and I LOVE how they turned out, printed side by side with the artworks that inspired them, or that they are responding to. Get your copy here. Or come to the Crab Creek Review group reading at Elliott Bay November 20th 7PM.



Jeannine said...

So happy to be back! Glenn and I were just saying how nice it was to see you again. And the new Crab Creek is pretty great I think!

Martha Silano said...

It WAS a delightful afternoon. Good to see you there; love your poems in CCR!