Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Runway Finale tonight. I am so hoping Mondo wins. He is the most original and interesting. Plus he was a good non-back-stabbing contestant, with a touching life story. Andy would be my second choice. I cannot stand Gretchen, and have no idea how she got this far. She has been awfully mean-spirited, and a boring designer to boot.


Bellevue Art Museum has a great show right now. Dean and I saw it last weekend. But it is not the Ginny Ruffner exhibit, which was sort of ho-hum in my opinion. Sure, the idea of DNA from plants and animals mixing is interesting, but the pieces were kind of repetitive and amorphous blobs, and blah blah blah. They left me cold. And not in a good way. :)

Instead, go up one floor to the 2010 Biennial Clay Throwdown. Over 30 regional sculptors submitted work, and it is a diverse and energizing show. Plus, you get to vote for the winner! My favorite pieces: the amazing trabecular wall by Nathan Craven; the outrageous and witty girls' gossip circle by Patti Warashina (see how the string-can telephone turns into two sticks of dynamite); and the detailed porcelain "Dangerous Liaisons" type Renaissance tea-party orgy by Chris Antemann (all those little erections like fifth fingers pointing out).

Highly recommended. Ends January 16, 2011. Check it out!


C. Dale said...

I will be watching PR right after the game tonight. Can't wait. I want Mondo to win, too!

Peter said...

PR is a welcome break from all the mid-term election hoo-haa. I am so tired of all the negative campaigning. I want it to be over NOW.

T. Clear said...

So disappointed that Gretchen won.