Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Head and the Heart

A great new local folk-rock band that is about to hit the big-time, and for good reason. Check 'em out:


PS: A gorgeous sunny fall day in Seattle today. I almost missed Kelli Agodon's reading this afternoon. But not because of the wonderful weather--I went to Elliott Bay by mistake! I walked down the stairs to the reading room at about 5 minutes to three, and thought it looked kind of dark. There was a theater group doing a rehearsal reading, and I realized, Ooops! The reading must be at Open Books!

I hustled back to my car and made good time in light traffic to Wallingford. Only missed the intros! It was a lovely reading. Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room has a lot of good poems, and I loved hearing the back story for some of them. But what is this thing with doing door prizes and giveaways and pictures and throwing balls and handing out chocolates and other gimmicks? I have seen it at several readings lately, and it is a bit gimmicky and kind of distracting. I want to hear the POEMS.


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