Saturday, September 27, 2008

Looks like the debate opened with the customary arm-wrestle to see who would go first, and Obama won.

I watched most of it last night live on TV, and then on replays after. I think Obama did a great job on the economy questions, and totally held his own on foreign policy. He was calm and presidential (whatever that is: I think it has something to do with the cut of your suit and the color and knot of your tie?) and showed just how smart and on top of a wide range of topics he is. I like how he is emphasizing the difference between him and McCain. McCain for his part mangled the names of several foreign leaders, and generally looked like a crotchety old man, stuck in the past, with a chip on his shoulder about us losing in Vietnam, trying to make up for it with bravado in Iraq, and selling us more of the same, more of the same. Don't buy it. Don't go with John McSame.


Collin said...

I think Obama won by a slight margin. It wasn't a knock out, which is what McCain needed to regain momentum. That didn't happen, and Biden is going to tear Palin apart on Thursday.

Martha Silano said...

McSame looks like he's been embalmed. Also, he made a Freudian slip I just loved, something about "working things out between you and your DECEASED, I mean, doctor." (Is this man *alive*?)

Oh boy, am I ever geared up for Biden v. Palin. It's gonna be soooooo fun.

A Mama for Obama

Joannie said...

My one wish was that Obama had met McCain's attacks about earmarks head-on--by saying what they were for. Are all earmarks bad? Could they have been to set up pre-K programs for inner-city kids? Bridge loans for farmers? I wanted to see something like that milk scene in the first season of "The West Wing."

I wonder whether Palin is going to come down with the flu, maybe on Wednesday night.