Tuesday, February 12, 2008

From Monday's Sound Focus on KUOW/NPR

Poems for the Beloved

This week, many people will exchange gifts and declarations of devotion in honor of Valentine's Day. Those who are separated from their beloved must find some way to bridge the distance. Today, Peter Pereira and Eloise Klein Healy read poems that provide evidence of the imagination's capacity to reach the beloved, despite geography and even mortality.

Click on the audio icon in the above archive link and you can listen to me reading "Twenty Years After His Passing My Father Appears to Us in Chicago, at Bobby Chinn's Crab and Oyster House, in the Guise of Our Waiter, Ramon" from What's Written on the Body. (the program starts about 25 secs in)

The recording is a little echo-y, but I love how this turned out. And the conversation/analysis of the poems, with hosts Elizabeth Austen and Megan Sukys, is fascinating. Check it out!


Pamela said...

Thanks for the post, Peter, and the link. Your poem and the conversation about it are wonderful.

I wish you'd read EAST of the Mississippi sometimes.

C. Dale said...

I love this.