Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Your Poetry Radio

Listen to Kathleen Flenniken read "Lost Coat, Pls Call," "Elisabeth Reads Poetry," and "What I Saw," from her Prairie Schooner Prize-winning book Famous, and then to KUOW/NPR hosts Megan Sukys and Elizabeth Austen discuss the poems here. (Her segment begins at the 2:07 minute mark.)


Or listen to Wedding/Marriage poems here. The segment begins at the 2:05 minute mark.

"The wedding ceremony is one of the few modern rituals that touch all of us at some point, whether as participant or as witness. It's also one of the rare moments when poetry is pressed into service for a public gathering. Today, three western Washington poets bring us poems written for that very public, deeply personal ritual: the wedding. Jim Bertolino, author of nine collections of poetry, reads "A Wedding Toast". Susan Rich, author of The Cartographer's Tongue and Cures Include Travel reads "Navigating Delight". Dana Elkun, a poet and dancer who teaches in the Writers in the Schools program, reads "Possibilities for a Wedding Poem"." (from the KUOW/NPR archives).

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