Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Karl Rove , President Bush's close friend and chief political strategist, announced Monday he will leave the White House at the end of August, joining a lengthening line of senior officials heading for the exits in the final 1 1/2 years of the administration.

This makes me so happy. But I fear it is too late. Rove's divisive and deceptive policies have already screwed the country up so badly. It's going to take years to recover. His parting pot-shot about Hillary Clinton having a "fatal flaw" is just another example of his venom. All I can say is good riddance and don't let the door slam your ass on the way out. We need to start looking at what brings us together, rather than what brings us apart.


Several new poems drafts coming the past few weeks. It's weird to be going back and forth between prose (the novel draft) and poems.


A week of on-call coming up. It's been a busy summer. Where are all these new patients coming from?



Collin said...

I guess Cheney-of-Fools will have stick his hand up Dubya's ass now to keep the puppet working for another year.

Joannie said...

The fall guy of all fall guys, may he land hard. (And what a photo!)

Pamela said...

I remember the original story from your title. May the House crush him.