Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Rat Abandons Bush's Sinking Ship

It makes me very happy to see this lying sack of sh*t go.

Now, if there were just a way to make sure he doesn't get a penny of his government pension. Or at least prosecute him for perjury (an Attorney General who lies!) and disbar him.


And now, another poem from BAP 2007, by Seattleite, Jeanette Allee:

Crimble of Staines

You're back in motherbickered
England dumb with brick
— viper typists.
Such organized fear: rigidity as fetish
Sphincter sphunct filthiness in wainscoted ways.

Jolly 'ol brims with againstness
"Anti-clockwise" — "Ante-natal" if you will —
The crumbling masonry of
Your "anti-relationship structure" you once called it before
You went away. Such negativity in names:
Wormwood Scrubs as prison, animal park Whipsnade
The motorshop Crimble of Staines
Kidney pie tastes like potty
Cheat never equals cheated upon.

After you left me, I bought a barrister
Besotted — blotto — up to my rooms
Is this how they do it I kept wondering,
Dull as cotton batting, without love?
In his garden variety serpentry he left
On our bodgy bed — a wrunkled skin — still crawling, crawling.

— from FIELD


Collin said...

Now if only Dubya and the rest of his warmongers would follow. We could have President Pelosi until Jan. 2009. :)

rik said...

Once I found a poem and a tablet of chocolat on my door.
The poem said, and I 'd never forgot:
It must be , your often asked
docter plaese mend this broken hart.
I imagine de ladies line the hall,
as they wisper it hurts, here, here, yes here.
I think you wrote it. I was touched by it.
Nice memory's
Rik from Holland