Monday, January 08, 2007

This is just to say

First of all, I think Oprah is AMAZING for what she has done founding a school for disadvantaged girls in South Africa, despite what all the CNN and FOX News naysayers have to say (about how she should be doing this in America, about how it's just a stunt, etc. etc.). You go girl! But puhleaze: you need to eat a sandwich or something! Don't hate me for saying this, but you are not looking well to me.


Now. President Bush: Why in the hell do you want to deploy more troops to Iraq? I cannot fathom it. You are an addict. You need to quit the crystal and stop listening to those "voices" in your head. If the draft were re-instated today, which may be neccesary to accomplish your god-awful plan, would you send your twins Jenna or Barbara Jr.? I think not. F---ing hypocrite. We need to get our soldiers out of harm's way there, and soon! Gimme a break. Let the Iraqis have their own country back.


Sorry for the rant. In other news, a lovely review of Kathleen Flenniken's Famous in the Seattle Times.

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Guy Barry said...

Well done to Oprah for starting the girls school in Soweto?