Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Soy is Making Babies Gay!

From Derek Goodwin's funny-as-hell cruelty-free vegan blog:

"it has long been "known" by fundamentalist christians that homosexuality is a disease, and thanks to the investigative journalism of jim rutz there might now be a cure, or at least a reliable method of prevention! yes, my fellow male tofu eaters, it is true. if you have been oddly attracted to another man it could be because of our favorite little bean (jim didn't explain where lesbians come from, but i have a hunch it has something to do with seitan)." click to read full article


Pamela said...

I have heard this balderdash over Christmas from the same in-law who thinks the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are straight from Satan and that homosexuality is "truly immortal." (LOLOL on that last part--it's not a typo). Poor Harvey's family--and especially poor Harvey's first cousin who was the target of the soy diatribe! I find this especially ironic since the tirading relative's husband makes his living--you guessed it--farming and cultivating soybeans.

BTW, one of the screenplay quotes was in the original story. It's greatly expanded in the movie script, though.

Peter said...

P: Glad you found the original story. I could not find mine.

Sounds like you will have an interesting interpretation you can write about.

Dean says Burl Ives did a song called "Big Rock Candy Mountain" that he remembers from his childhood. He thought it was in Utah?

Peter said...

PS: Immoral/Immortal!! HAHAHAHA