Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Lost Room

We had our friends from Vashon Island stay over last night; and tonight my sister, her husband, and their toddler (who haven't had power in 4 days) are staying with us. They are pretty frustrated about how long it is taking to get reconnected to the grid. But we making the most of it, having a good time playing with the kid, and watching a marathon of that new series "The Lost Room" on TV. What a fascinating show. There are these objects from a 1960's motel room on Highway 66 that have been imbued with certain powers: the room key can take you to any room, a comb can stop time for ten seconds, some scissors can rotate any object in the air, a polaroid becomes a looking glass, etc etc. It all seems connected to some otherworldly war between good and evil and saving the world from anihilation. It's freaking riveting (so far). Has anybody else been watching?


Charles said...

Sounds hot. What channel is that on?

Peter said...

I think it was Sci-fi channel? Check it out. Stars include that hottie Peter Krause from Six Feet Under, and Julianna Margulies from ER.

ReggieH said...

My partner and I enjoyed Lost Room, but were disapointed by the ending. Too many questions left open...but then I suppose it was a teaser for a series. It was better done than either of us expected, and I'd love to see another 6 hr miniseries to wrap everything up.