Monday, December 11, 2006

Hula Hello

Having an amazing time. Waimea Canyon and the North Beach area were stunning. Also liked Limahule Botanical Gardens, where they are working on preserving and repopulating native Hawaiian plants. Most days we just sit out by the pool and read (and sip mango margaritas). Dean has learned a silly little hula dance that he does on the spur of the moment. The best reads so far: Anne Carson's Decreation. Wow. What an dynamite mix of poetry and drama/opera. She is brilliant, amazing, original. Also loved reading David Wagoner's one-act one-man play First Class, about Theodore Roethke that was in Georgia Review. Great stuff. He captured the essence of Roethke completely.

We still have two days to go. It feels like we have been gone a month. Perhaps some pics later?

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C. Dale said...

Yes, pics, pics!