Sunday, January 23, 2005


— homage to William Carlos Williams

this is just to say I saw the icebox and wheels
rumbling through the figure 5
I saw the white chickens
in the dark city glazed with rain
I saw the figure 5 in the white chickens
the plums that were in gold on a red wheel barrow
the plums that you were probably
saving for breakfast among the rain water
I have eaten the dark city so sweet
the plums that were so sweet
this is just to say I have eaten the figure 5
in the plums that were in the plums
that were in gold on a red firetruck


A.R.B. said...

Welcome to blog world, Peter. C. Dale lied. You are now a member of the biggest pyramid scheme you could imagine. (We owned Amway and sold it for huge metaphoric profit.) Your medical training will do nothing for you. Simply trust us when the fever hits hard. You can take your helmet off now; oxygen quality is okay, though there is a problem with issues of gravity. Always walk close to the tree line. The branches come in handy when things turn upside down. :-}


C. Dale said...

Don't let Alberto scare you. He's really a big sweetheart. His bark is worse than his bite. ;)

Peter said...

Hey Alberto: Yes this virtual world is a more disorienting than a double martini! I have already turned six shades of green: celedon, hunter, emerald, pea, clover, and wheat grass!
LOL. Thanks for they hey-ho

Radish King said...

Would that be a double pear martini?