Saturday, January 22, 2005


I love the AltaVista Babel Fish language translator. Words are such a flexible, malleable thing.

mal-lea-ble 1: capable of being extended or shaped by beating with a hammer or the pressure of rollers. 2: plastically open to outside forces or influences: having a capacity for adaptive change.


Before devising, your chicken you do not have to count.
As for the penny which is rescued it is the penny which is obtained.
The girl and the spice has become entirely from the splendid sugar.
The boy has consisted of the tail of the slug and the snail and the puppy.
As for the place of the woman there is a house.
One basket your egg everything does not have to be made.
The idiot hurries being about you fear because the angel steps on.
Your cake cannot do possessing and is eaten thing.
There is no wastefulness, unless so is, we want.
The safe which is better than regrettable.
Living, you have lived, permit.


Paul said...

Hi Peter, welcome to the wacky ranks of bloggers. Glad to see you here!

Peter said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Paul. This blogging stuff looks pretty fun. My partner thinks I have gone over to "the dark side." LOL
I really enjoyed The Ressurection of the Body and The Ruin of the World. What a title! Best wishes for many more poems from you.

Jennifer said...

Many times welcome, Peter! These are wonderful, especially "The girl and the spice has become entirely from the splendid sugar." It could be the end of an Indian fairytale. And "The safe which is better than regrettable." Sort of the opposite of blogging, some days, but very nice to see you here, nonetheless.