Sunday, May 30, 2010

From Poetry Foundation (check it out, the photos are actually pretty good):

I saw the best minds of my generation… and took pictures of them!

Allen Ginsberg once said, “I do my sketching and observing with the camera.” Now you can see the results – online highlights from the National Gallery of Art’s new exhibition, “Beat Memories,” can be viewed here.

From the introduction:
One of the most visionary writers of his generation and author of the celebrated poem Howl, Allen Ginsberg (1926–1997) was also a photographer. From 1953 until 1963 he made numerous, often exuberant portraits of himself and his friends, including the Beat writers William S. Burroughs, Neal Cassady, Gregory Corso, and Jack Kerouac. Eager to capture “certain moments in eternity,” as he wrote, he kept his camera by his side when he was at home or traveling around the world. For years Ginsberg’s photographs languished among his papers. When he finally rediscovered them in the 1980s, he reprinted them, adding handwritten inscriptions (transcribed for each work in this slide show). Inspired by his earlier work, he also began to photograph again, recording longtime friends and new acquaintances.


Kells said...


Thank you for this. I love the one of Gregory Corso.

I do this too. I constantly take photos at poetry events because I really believe someone needs to be documenting these moments. And to me, they are so magical, I want to have them on film (er, or iPhone!)

Thank you so much for this link. Love it!


Peter said...

Save all thos poet pics Kelli. Ya never know . . .