Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not Gay Enough to Play Softball?

This is just too funny and ironic for words. Much ado, a tempest in teapot (or batting box, for that matter), in my opinion. But seriously, if these guys were straight, what were they doing trying to join "our" team? Don't straight guys have enough options in the uber-hetero, uber-homophobic no-fags-allowed existing sports leagues (that often discriminate against gay players?).


C. Dale said...

In a different article I saw, the guys weren't straight but bi-sexual. That is why they were upset, that they were bi and not gay enough. The whole thing is so weird.

Peter said...

I agree: so weird. Do the "bi" guys need a "league of their own" too? (Hmmmm, a possible movie idea?) :)