Friday, September 25, 2009


Amy Gerstler's message: Be not afraid

(from the LA times)


Rescued Eagle Scout Billed $25,000

A controversial New Hampshire law that charges those who get lost for the cost of their rescue is facing renewed scrutiny.

Some Eagle Scout? I'm sorry but I think ALL of these dopey people who get lost hiking in the woods or climbing mountains should be billed for their rescues. Why should we all have to foot the bill for their thrill seeking or poor planning?



Radish King said...

Amen, Peter. I've always said the same. Last year in Seattle was the worst ever. It seemed that every day some idiot was falling down the river or lost off the path in the mountains or lit a fire cracker and started an avalanche and when they're rescued they appear on the news to be heroes. Sheesh.


Sarah said...

I have often been confounded by the people who are kidnapped in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan and other trouble zones, who seem to have no business there aside from hiking.

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