Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What an election!
Dean and I are both exhausted -- happy, but exhausted. We stayed up late last night watching results, then had to go to work early this morning. It was a busy day in clinic for me, but easier because patients were happy, ecstatic, thrilled. The fact that Obama had won made all of their problems -- the back pain, the depression, the diabetes, the broken leg -- a bit easier to cope with, a bit more hopeful. My favorite visit of the day was a Somali family: the mom all dressed in burka/veil and corralling her three kids into the exam room. The youngest was just 4 mos old and there for a Well Child Check, and the oldest was a 4 yr old boy who gave me a high five and said with a big toothy smile: "Obama!"


I am so bummed out about Prop 8 in California. And the initiatives in AZ and FLA. What is going on with the world. How can people on the one hand be voting in the most dynamic and forward thinking president in a generation, and on the other hand be voting the most backward hateful, discrimination? It boggles the mind. It simply boggles the mind. And makes me feel so sad. And socked in the gut.



~ said...

Hi Peter

I am sorry about Prop 8 in CA. I had really thought Cali would come through. :-(

Premium T. said...

Ditto the above sentiments.

On brighter note, I read your first paragraph out loud to Paul this morning at the breakfast table. Just lovely.

SarahJane said...

The prop 8 vote was indeed surprising. i didn't understand why it turned out as it did.

loved the picture of your clinic, though. what a weight has been lifted!