Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dean and I joined our friends Ian and David for a lovely dinner at Olivar's last night (I had a yummy roast duck with papardelle), followed by Alonzo Lines & company at the UW World Dance series. It was an interesting show, with nine Buddhist monks joining the company, as acrobatic Kung Fu dancers. All decked out in the orange and saffron colored robes, they did some amazing stuff, though it was a little repetitive at times.


I've been working like a dog lately: too much call and clinic and administrative stuff. Looking forward to a day off today. Maybe I'll get some writing done. Wouldn't that be a change?

My old laptop is dying: it just doesn't hold it's battery power very well, and it is really beat up from being dropped at various coffee shops and airports and hotels. So, I decided to do my part to stimulate the economy and bought a new one. Nothing too extravagant, but with enough bells and whistles to last for 5-10 years.


I found this while googling the other day: An essay about a poem of mine for sale at one of those Term Paper websites. For $70! Can you believe it? I was tempted to buy it just to see what was written, but resisted. It's a bit steep, and I don't really care that much! HAHAHAHA.


And in other news: Teen Kills Himself on Internet.
So sad. So sad.
But aren't we all just killing ourselves on the internet?


And in still further news: This is the first I had heard of this juicy bit-- New England College Poetry-Only MFA Program Suing its Former Director. Honestly. It reads like a soap opera or insider-trading scandal!!


Collin Kelley said...

Tell me you bought a MacBook!!!!

Hope you get a break over the holidays.

Thimphu David said...

Thanks so much for the dinner and dance. What could be more fun than a stage-full of dancing monks? I totally loved it!

Funny, though... The next day MY computer conked out and had to be replaced as well. Hmmm. That Shaolin energy must be turbo-charged?

Hope to see you 2 again soon.