Friday, July 07, 2006

Alphabet Meme

From Pamela:

Accent: none, they say Pacific Northwesterners have "no accent" (except that we say "Warsh-ing-ton.")

Booze: vodka, cointreau, lime, a little fruit juice, shaken with ice, poured up in a chilled glass.

Chore I hate: ironing

Dogs/cats: nada

Essential electronics: PDA with Scrabble

Favorite perfume/cologne: None please, I like a man to be a natural man

Gold/silver: matching gold wedding bands

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Insomnia: Nope

Job title: Family Practice Doc, Community Clinic

Kids: nada

Living arrangements: 1904 little box of a house, the first house built in our neighborhood.

Most admired trait: silliness/sensibleness

Number of sexual partners: I lost count (was I supposed to keep count!)

Overnight hospital stays: hernia operation age 5, chest pain GI scare 2004

Phobia: roller coasters

Quote: "Dreams lost to waking, days undone by sleep."

Relationship, longest: 20 years this December, with Dean. My oh my.

Siblings: 4 brothers, 4 sisters, one sister who is deceased (age 5, diabetes).

Time I usually wake up: 6:00, 6:15, 6:30 at the latest, 6:45 at the very latest, 7:00 at the very *very* latest (Dean is dying laughing right now)

Unusual talent: anagrams and crosswords

Vegetable I refuse to eat: sweet potatoes (is that a vegetable?)

Worst habit: Perfectionist

X-rays: rapid CT of my chest last year: no heart plaque!

Yummy foods I make: I am the King of Risotto.

Zodiac sign: Cancer


Diane K. Martin said...

Hey perfectionist, no R! (Teasing.)

Radish King said...

If we had eaten your risotto instead of going out to the grill for scallops, I think the rapid CT of your chest would not have happened. We could have skipped the reading too, where that woman with the safety pin on her glasses touched all your books.

p.s. When do I get to try your risotto?

Pamela said...

Baked sweet potatoes? I make 'em (or more accurately, fix them) with beer and turbinado sugar syrup and they are sublime. That's the same way to fix figs.

Peter said...

DKM: hehehe, I know, it's like a drawl. Warrrrr-shing-ton
Rebecca: I'll email you
Pamela: figs! now you are talkin'

Diane K. Martin said...

No, um, I mean your meme went from Quote to Siblings. Do you mean you used up the Rs in Warshington?

Peter said...

Diane: I never saw it! I must not be much of a perfectionist, eh? hehehehe. I added something in to round it out. Can't be missing an "R."