Thursday, October 13, 2011

999 = 666 ?

From Conservative Focus

By Paul Bentley

Michele Bachmann ridiculed Cain's plan most successfully, saying that when scrutinised or 'turned upside down' the 999 principle became Satan's number, 666.

'When you take the 999 plan and you turn it upside down, I think the devil is in the details,' she said.

She added that the proposal was not a jobs plan, but rather a tax plan.

The planned 999 policy has come in for criticism before from tax analysts, who claim it would cause those less well off to pay more.

Jon Huntsman, meanwhile, joked that at first he thought the 999 tax plan was a pizza price, not a real economic proposal.


HAHAHA. The republican debate was such a hoot to watch. Are these people for real? Invoking the Anti Christ and 666 as debate points? It is looking better for Obama every day.

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