Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Torn Calf

It's nice to know I am a classic case. But did they have to use the words "middle aged male tennis player?"

Gastrocnemius strains
Calf strains are most commonly found in the medial head of the gastrocnemius [3]. This injury was first described in 1883 in association with tennis and is commonly called tennis leg [6]. The classic presentation is of a middle-aged male tennis player who suddenly extends the knee with the foot in dorsiflexion, resulting in immediate pain, disability, and swelling. Pain and disability can last months to years depending on the severity and effectiveness of initial treatment [1].

Hobbling around for now. Hope I can drive soon . . . eeesh. Next time I am letting that high overhead smash go.


Susan Rich said...

Hope you feel better soon, Peter!

Peter said...

Thanks Susan. I hope so too! :)

T. Clear said...

Peter this sounds completely dreadful. And we'll miss you in PT on Saturday!


(We'll miss you too, Susan, but you're having fun....)