Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope you and yours had a safe and joyful time.

Dean and I started off New Year's Eve at the neighborhood burn -- a fun little gathering around a bonfire, with bells and noisemakers, and a chance to cast regrets from the past away and hope for the future into the flames. It was FREEZING out, but the fire was wonderful. Claire had outdone himself this year, with this amazing metal pumpkin-shaped basket that sat above the flames and glowed.

Then we went out to Cicchetti in Eastlake for a lovely dinner -- we were lucky enough to get a table somewhat last minute. A scrumptious 5 course meal, with a Turkish/Middle East theme, accompanied by a Turkish musical group. There was a wonderful festive energy on the room. And we were upstairs, with a terrific view of the lake and the city lights.

The 2000's were a mixed decade. Looking back there were lots personal successes and highlights: three books published, all sorts of poetry trips and conferences, trips with Dean to Europe and Mexico and elsewhere, home remodel projects, our garden re-do, the births of numerous nephews and nieces, ten more years of good and useful work (albeit at times stressful) at the community clinic where I have been since 1991. But there were a few losses as well: Dean's mother, two of his siblings, my brother in law. I guess it is only natural as one gets older that the people around you start to pass. And the political scene was tough this decade, with the awful awful presidency of George Bush (coming after the great years of Bill Clinton). At least we ended the decade electing a president of character in Obama. I just hope he can stand up for what he believes in, and bring us all together.

My goal for the New Year: to try something new.

Here's hope for the coming decade!

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