Friday, September 03, 2010

Had a great time being part of the reading extravaganza at Elliott Bay last night, for the New Poets of the American West anthology, edited by Lowell Jaeger. What a fun night! It was sort of like a homecoming or reunion of sorts, having so many Washington poets in one room. Each person read one poem, so it was also sort of a greatest hits parade. We had poems about Mt St Helen's, 9/11, fishing, Hanford, palouse fires, Native American museum artifacts (or are they holocaust reminders?). Great fun all around. Thank you again to Lowell for editing this huge anthology. And to Kathleen Flenniken for hosting the bash.


Anonymous said...

It was a fun night, and so nice to chat with you -- your poem reminded me of one I published in Shenandoah. I linked it for you, also there's some photos and comments from the reading posted also. Warm regards!

Peter said...

Is that you Tiffany?
Thanks for the pics, and the poem.

I think perhaps your fathers stacks of magazines were perhaps a little creepier than my fathers "Great Books?" :)