Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (on Kindle for iPad), and I have to say I just LOVED IT! I realize I am probably the last person in America to read it -- but what a sophisticated page turner. Enough plots and characters for ten books. And the character of Lisbeth is just so endearing. How can you not just love her? I hear Daniel Craig might play Blomkvist in the American version of the movie. Perfect.. I can hardly wait to see all his naughty bits!

I have already ordered the second book. Wheee!



T. Clear said...

Peter, I read this without doing any background work and didn't realize that it was part of a trilogy, and was SO pissed at the ending! I blogged about it, and the translator left me a comment, enlightening me.
I'll never do that again!

Daniel Craig would be perfect as as Blomkvist.

Peter said...

Wow: amaxzing that the translater contacted you. That is great!

Have you read the next two? Don't tell me what happens! :)

I hear the author's surviving partner has a fourth book in the works (that she is keeping from his estranged family). Such drama.

Lyle Daggett said...

I haven't read any of the books, but have seen the two movies ("The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Girl Who Played with Fire") that have been released so far -- talking here about the Swedish films.

My sense -- from a couple of people I know who have read the books and seen the movies -- is that the books are more complex and in-depth than the movies (no surprise there), though the movies aren't too bad as adaptations of the books.

Having seen only the movies, I liked them. They are, it's true, quite violent in places (clearly not to everyone's taste), but generally well-done, I thought. The woman who played Lisbeth in both films just blew me away.

I haven't gone chasing to find out if a Swedish film is in the works for the third book, though I'd be very surprise if there isn't.

Things being what they are, I'm a little doubtful, in advance, of the planned American movie remake.

I hadn't heard of the possible fourth book in the works. As if it were possible to add still more veils to the mystery...