Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seattle Cop Punches Woman in Face

I live not far from the intersection where this occurred. Kids are always jaywalking there and making it very dangerous for drivers to pass. There is a pedestrian overpass built so that people can walk over the street without problem. But there are certain characters who seem to get off on jaywalking into traffic anyway, and trying to cause a ruckus. Both of these young women deserved all they got, in my opinion (if you read the papers, they both have prior criminal records, anyway). This is NOT about racism. I am so tired of out-of-control, poorly-parented teens acting out. If you are breaking the law, and doing so brazenly, provocatively -- I'm sorry -- you deserve to get punched in the face.


Jillie said...

I agree,Peter!

Loren said...

After reading about there background, I'm with you on this, Peter.

You think they would have at least been embarrassed, not outraged at being ticketed for jaywalking with an overpass a few yards away, wouldn't you?

Radish King said...

I agree, Peter. You don't shove a cop in the chest. That's pretty much good sense. That means you might be going for his weapon. The cop reacted as he should have to keep the incident in check.