Saturday, May 02, 2009

Having a great relaxing time in LV. Saw Love last night at the Mirage. It's a good show. I mean, how can you go wrong with all those Beatles songs? But the production was a bit unfocused. No clear narrative line. And a bit frantic at times, with too many things going on at once, for no apparent reason. Still, some of the pieces were incredible: Octopuses Garden, Something, and A Day in the Life, for instance. The image of the red trapezist crashing into the little car, as it explodes into all of its pieces -- the hood, a door, a windshield, a bumper -- each one then held in the air by another dancer, as they swirl around her. Just great visual effect.


But the highlight so far has been a day trip out to the Springs Reserve Desert Living Center. It's an amazing, gorgeous, demonstration garden and museum and community center, with great xeriscape design. It's amazing what they've done with solar panels for shade and lighting, low water plantings, rain barrels and grey water collectors for irrigation. They use very little resources, and waste nothing, and it is a beautiful environment to live in (demo house was wonderful). Check out the website here, and visit if you ever get down to Las Vegas. And the best thing: it's free! Donation only.

We also took a road trip with our friends P & B out to see Red Rock Canyon. Also some incredible desert landscape there. I could see living here (if it weren't so darn hot and dry . . . hahahaha).


Today we hope to see a Warhol/Lichtenstein exhibit at the museum here. And then tonight we go to see Zumanity. An "adult" version of Cirque de Soleil. Wheee!


jeannine said...

Red Rock Canyon is beautiful - my favorite part of my last vegas trip. Ooh, and Lichtenstein - enjoy!

C. Dale said...

I completely agree with your take on LOVE.